Tuesday, August 25

The Seminary Diaries: welcome back

I can go on for days about the fun fall things--coffees, sweaters, boots, and pumpkin donuts--but the truth is, Fall, for me, I sacred.

Seven years ago I packed my stuff--after one of the world's worst break-UPS--and moved to Denver.  I knew no one, knew not where I would live, nor how I would buy groceries.  I didn't even know where to buy groceries.  I was reinventing; I was making a new path, a new identity, and new dreams.  I remember that Fall so well--the tiny apartment next to the ex-con, my two little doggies and our wonderful path behind the tiny apartment.  I remember the office I worked in, being two miles from the apartment.  I remember discovering and loving traffic, the morning news, and the bustle of the city.  I remember feeling so much hope for life, for the world, for my world.

Even today, as I look around a school campus, I see lots of hope.  This is the same campus I've spent all of summer at, but it looks so different.  Everyone feels fresh, prepared... no one remembers or has experienced first paper anxiety or mid-term studying.  Everyone remembers the freshness of each new class, the taste of their first coffee, the jokes and fun had between classmates.  Everyone remembers the good and looks forward to the hope.

A peer, classmate, and friend just stopped by to talk about his program, the classes coming up, and the hope of what comes this year.  This same friend suggested a certificate program, reminding me of why I started this program, why I look forward to the opportunities it will bring, and what's so special about having this atmosphere, this program, and this school.

So, this Fall, I'm looking forward, looking toward hope, looking for what could be.  Sure, Spring has new babies and fresh colors and relief from the long, cold winter.  But Fall has hope, new beginnings, and buckets of opportunities.  This Fall I'm reinventing, starting fresh, and looking forward.

I love Fall.


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