Friday, March 11

Comfort in a Cup

Today was one of those days. I just couldn't decide if I should be elated or exasperated. Obviously, I get to blame this on the simple fact that I am a girl and I'm wired this way. I'm bouncing back and forth between patience and eagerness, irrtation and affection, willingness and burned-out-ness...? And basically, it's plum wearing me out.

The good news is that, again, the sun is shining so brightly. Like it's making its presence very well known. (That's why we Coloradoans love our 360 days of sunshine. It's REAL sunshine.) I changed the looks of my blog, the looks of my hair and my closet (the tank tops are back out!), traded in my sweats for running shorts, and I've even re-added some music to my iPod. I am fully prepared for this time change and the season it is hopefully packing along with it.

I also remembered today that it was the "Grand Arrival" of lunch at Blue Sage Catering. (Long story short, they did catering for us a few months back and it was phenomenal.) I drove-in the warm sunshine, windows down, Chuck Wicks-up to their 'cafe'. I was greeted with the warmest, most inviting smiles and introductions, that my faith in nice people was renewed. I took a 5-second glance and saw one of my favorite sandwiches; the Cuban. It was a mere 24 hours ago that I was craving pickles, for crying out loud.

Greg and his staff tossed around ingredients that have been Colorado-grown and hand-picked for this special day. I admired his large, silver ovens and the smell of real food in his quaint, home-style restaurant. I don't know if I've ever been so excited for lunch. Just as I expected, the sandwich was to die for! (The moment Greg said it was infused with agave syrup, I knew it would be!)

What I forgot to mention was the comfort they gave me. No, really, look!

If you look, very closely, you can see that this is a 'Chinet Comfort Cup'. Well, who knew I could get exactly what I needed in a styrofoam, reusable cup? And don't you think I haven't reused it all day long....

(If you live in the Colorado Springs are-and even if you don't-head to Blue Sage, off of 30th and Centennial for your own cup of comfort and a delish meal to go along with it!)


  1. It's Coloradans, My Dear Husker Transplant :)

  2. Aw crud. I guess I just revealed how much I don't belong here....didn't I? :-S

  3. I always got called a "Coloroadan" because I drove so crazy......:(

  4. You belong wherever you want to be :) You just gotta get the lingo right so we Natives don't know yer a Big Red rival.;P

  5. Aww, Grandpa :-) "Coloroadans"

    And Bill, this girl is and always will be a Husker. At heart and in my lingo ;-)