Tuesday, September 9

The Seminary Diaries: impeccable timing

The backstory: As an upcoming grad student, I was looking for a job that would be fulfilling but easy; I needed so many hours a week, with a certain amount of flexibility, and the capability to focus most of my mental capacities on studies.  Found one with 25 hours and a "yes we can" attitude about my upcoming crazy two years.

Fast forward 6 weeks.  I'm asked by my supervisor and manager to "stop being compassionate and nice to people".  If you know me at all, this is never going to happen, and, when it didn't, the reprimands and backlash were unreal.  Unless, of course, you're a 2 1/2 year old... in that case, there's a good explanation for the reaction. (See the "Things You Need To Know podcast...)

Fast forward again 2 weeks. I've decided it's in my best interest to leave this "great job".  My safety and well-being may or may not have been in question, but either way, I did not feel like playing with fire.  On the same note, I hate quitting things. Jobs, relationships, hobbies, paintings.  I linger and hang on to them at the edge of a cliff (I almost spelled that 'clif' like the bar because my nutrition and diet have gone to packaged little goodies that fit in my backpack...) like they're Leonardo DiCaprio or something.

Regardless, I decided this was the right move and I prayed (pleaded) for an answer, a confirmation, or a solution.

That night: I walk with my new partner (Heyyy, Lisa) and we discuss the complexities of jerks in the workplace and jerks in relationships and the ease of which other people take advantage of nice people.  Lisa aids me in my decision, as does my supporting husband and his constant willingness to make my life a little easier.

The next morning: I recently went in to meet the new owner of our local painting class store.  We had latt√©s and talked about the importance of following our passions.  For some reason, I went in to see her and this is how it went.

Me: Good morning! You probably don't remember me and this is a strange request; do you need anyone to sweep floors, or clean paint, or answer phones?

Her: (face falls in hands, cheeks get red, and resemblances of tears begin to form) My assistant just quit this morning for a full time job and I am beside myself on what to do.

Laughter and astonishment fills the whole room as we fall over at how timely and peculiar this seems.

I rush home to tell Lisa and Alex who both say, "I'm glad I brought the pain store up!". Which, let me tell you, none of us remember saying anything out loud, so we don't remember how it came about, but the timing was impeccable.

The point is this; what are you waiting for God to do? What do you keep asking Him for or keep looking for or keep worrying over?  I'm telling you, His timing is impeccable and His plan and power is indescribable.  Most of the time we are simply asked to follow in the path He has already begun, already walked through, and already put together.  Sometimes, all you have to do is let Him fight for you.

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