Monday, February 17

Happy Birthday, You

A really cool, fellow-blogger "friend" of mine, recently wrote herself a letter on her big day.  I couldn't think of a better way to remind myself what today is all about.

Hello, You,

Happy, happy birthday.  You like this day.  Actually, you really love this day.  Sure, Valentine's Day (or Overrated Hallmark Silly Day) is over and spring is around the corner, but today has always been your day.  It's also Michael Jordan's (a fact you found incredibly fun when you were little. You've still got the signed letter from his secretary.)  But, in your world, it's kinda your day.  When you were 16, you got your gall bladder yanked out (rocked that, btw); at 17, you got a belly-button ring and sang karaoke (way rocked that one, too), and, at 18, commemorated Adam and Krista with a tattoo on your left shoulder. 19 was Rascal Flatts and a Build-A-Bear (her name is Charlotte, and yes, I was the oldest kid in the joint), 20 was another tattoo and 21 was memorable and forgettable all at the same time...Beer pong with your mom was involved. 22 was great.  You sang 'Don't Stop Believing' at the top of your lungs, surrounded by new friends in Colorado. Since then, your husband has planned brunch and dinner, you've been on trips, you've celebrated.

So, here we are, a few years later, and those young-twenty-ish years seem somewhat behind you and almost far away.  However, we all know that doesn't mean we stop celebrating or brushing off these birthdays like they're nothin'. No, no--you've seen so many young people leave this earth before they reach their 20th birthday, so these extras always seem like gifts to you.  This year...

Someone told you 25 was the greatest year.  In fact, it was not.  You got nothing you wished for this year, but a lot of other great things.

You found a pinch of bold and a splash of gumption and told someone 'no' without explanation.

You got the best adult Christmas you've had to date.  Your dad came to town, toting loads of great gifts, food, and flowers.  Your parents celebrated with you, together.  Then, he took you downtown to ice-skate because it was one of his favorite childhood Christmas memories.  You also rode a train with him and your husband and ate real roasted chestnuts.  There were lots of jokes and laughter this holiday season.

You fell in love with a little puppy named Sophia.  She's a handful, but she has really mended your broken heart.  Though she'll never fill the hole that Phoebe took with her, she softens the edges and soothes the scar.

You and your husband went on a road-trip, went to some stellar eateries, saw some baseball, basketball, and hockey games.  Oh, and you bought a house.  You're a big girl now.

You got a new job playing with Smalls all day and you got accepted into Seminary.  That dream you had a few years ago to help people in the world is slowly coming true right before your eyes. You're graduating in a couple months with a degree you said you'd never get and the 4.0 you aimed for two years ago.

So, you pondered lots on how to celebrate today. You got a little sad about the people who forgot and you sat in some stinky-wallowing for a bit.  But then, you remembered.  You love these days you get as gifts because you know they allow you to see God's beauty and grace in your life and in others.  You love these days because you get to be God's love to others.  You know your days are numbered so you work hard to make them count.  You cherish your moments because you know they'll go too fast.

So, stop wallowing or worrying.  Enjoy this year, being 26 and being all the things you can be.  Be your best and look forward to many more little "gifts" that allow you to do even greater things next year.

Celebrate you, not because this day is all about you (it really isn't), but celebrate because you've been abundantly blessed.

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