Tuesday, January 7

jillian and jesus

A friend at work came to my desk today to talk about a Joseph Prince message.  He said, "Jesus washed the disciples' feet, because he knew who he was,".  And Jillian Michaels said, "I care more about what good I'm doing for the world than the back of my ass,".  Kind of the same thing.

Spend about 20 minutes surfing the internet, especially after the new year begins.  You'll find posts, tweets, pages, pictures, blogs, articles, and hints on how to better everything about your life. Eat Healthy, Get Thinner in 2014Do this for your man and get him to proposeQuit spending money on everything and save up like a squirrelHow to get that new carNever touch sugar, carbs, or preservatives againHow to get hot abs this year.

And really, there is nothing wrong with improving our lives.  In fact, it’s at the core of who we are.  As humans we seek to grow stronger, to live more fully, to find more joy, to discover and offer hope, and to love deeply.  When we see something uncolorful, unattractive, or distressing in our lives, mostly, we work diligently to fix it.  We want to experience life to the fullest and we want to have it all. It’s the very same reason we seek answers to eternity and after life.  We want to know that even though our life is good, that there may be more—more that will satisfy our desire to have the utmost wonderful.

But on the other hand, these headlines have a keen ability to send me home with anxiety, doubt, and fear.  Quickly I can become consumed with all I need to do this year to be better, look better, feel better, and more.  Very easily I can become trapped in a way of thinking that says, “Only when you achieve this goal will you be the woman you should be.”  It’s easy to believe that the more we starve ourselves, kill ourselves over work, the gym, or demands, or the more we have, the better we will be.

And, yes, I do find it hard to believe that Jillian doesn’t care about the back of her ass.  I’ve done those workouts and I’ve listened to her yell at me that I’ll never have “tight buns” if I don’t get on the floor and sweat!  But she’s got a point.  In the words of someone I love deeply, “that’s horse-shit”. It’s a lie to think that the harder we work, the more accepted, loved, or admired we will be.  Who ever decided that we needed to compete for best abs, greatest thighs, richest millionaire, and best garage full of junk?  

Jesus washed the feet of disciples because he knew who he was.  He knew it would be frowned upon.  He knew it wouldn’t be popular.  And he also knew that probably no one would kneel down and join him.  But when you’re the Son of God, God in a Bod—God moving into our neighborhood—you don’t have to be worried that people will laugh, mock, or frown on your actions.  You know that the worth of what you’re doing extends far beyond your lifetime and far beyond others’.  You know that the investment you put into loving and serving others changes the course of this world long before the number on the scale, the money in your pocket, or the latest pair of shoes.

I will always love beauty—in clothing, artwork, jewelry, and home d├ęcor.  I will also always strive to be healthy.  I like feeding this body with good, nutritious food, and I enjoy eating an occasional brownie.  I will also keep working towards (all while groaning) being a runner.  I don’t think anything is wrong with improving who we are.  But I do think there is something wrong with thinking I have to do those things in order to keep up or compare to others around me.  I’ve got two words I’m working on this year.  The first is ‘trust’.  As I learn to truly trust in God, I’ll be less fearful and more willing to take faithful leaps with my eyes closed (which is already working out quite well).  The second is ‘love’.  I’ve got to learn to own my own story and learn to love who I am as God’s creation.  By accepting who He has called me to be and loving every little thing about me, I’ll love and serve others with reckless abandon. 

And I like that much better than worrying recklessly with thoughts of inadequacy and doubt.


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