Sunday, October 27

a constant tech crew

There are times in my life when I am sitting still, resting, doing nothing, or motionless.  I'm not working on anything, planning any trips, or progressing towards a goal.

But our God is just not that way.  Our God is always moving, always working on something, always in motion.

In high school, I was not one of those kids who starred in the musical.  I didn't have lead roles or very many lines.  Typically, I danced in a few scenes, walked around as a townsperson, held something above my head.  So, I was also typically close with the tech crew.  After all, we spent our "free time" in the same area and sat in the audience while the leads practiced the same line 40 or 83 times.  And I have to tell you, the tech crew does not stop for much.  They are always working on something--moving a prop, preparing the next scene, gathering up actors, or repairing broken lines, pulleys, and sets.

God is this way.  Things in your life might look stagnant.  You might have just returned from a great trip, recuperated from a holiday, or finished up a degree or promotion.  So now you just relax, rest, or wait.  Perhaps you've been praying for something to change or have become a little bored. The crowd is quiet, the curtains are drawn, and the music has stopped.  Just so you know, God is doing none of that.  For no part of your life is God resting or recuperating.  In fact, I'm willing to bet that God has not taken a day of rest since the beginning.  After all, God rested only after everything was done and everything was perfect.  Today, we are far from perfect and there is far more to do.

I have a tendency to plan my life around the next holiday, our next trip, my next final, or the Next Big Thing (which, apparently, is found at Samsung).  I'll save money in the budget, plan the days to take off, buy gifts, make lists, cook food, or update my wardrobe.  Then, after it's over, I'll stop for a while or I'll start planning again.  I'll pray for something to come or something to go away, I'll meditate on His word or seek a friend, and I'll attend church or find my pastor.  But, in the in-between, I'm at rest.

In these times of rest, it becomes easy for me to think that God is taking care of other things.  "Well, Alyssa's issue is solved, so I'll move onto Africa".  When I'm not asking Him for something, I think maybe He's somewhere else. 

But the truth is that He isn't.  God is always working in everything.  God is like this all-knowing, all-powerful. all in control tech crew behind the curtains and scenes in my life.  For the most part, His work goes unnoticed and unrecognized until 'WHAM'!--something in my life or heart is different and I notice.  Until I've noticed that I feel differently about this or I expect something different about that, His work could go unnoticed.

Unless we recognize that He is always working.  Our God is not at rest because there is much to do.  There are hearts to heal and lives to fill; there are great big needs and little, important needs, that He works diligently to meet. God is not resting because the perfection of Eden was lost, and the road to retrieve it is a long, broken one.

God does not rest, He is not relaxing.  God is powerful, moving, and working.  God is your tech crew that is doing insurmountable things you may not notice or recognize until the next big thing in your life, just happens.

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