Wednesday, August 7

nothing but time

Time is something nobody has enough of.  There’s never enough time to complete all the tasks, call all the people, and squeeze in a workout, a healthy dinner, and a bedtime prayer.  Each time a request is made, one of the first responses—to anyone—is probably, “do I have time for that”?  The loss of a child, a pet, a loved one, even an elder, reminds us that there is never enough time.
When a woman sat down this morning, asked me how I was and took the time to stop and listen, stop and respond, and follow up with a “you’re okay; know that you’re okay”, the resounding message in my heart was that she had time for me. 
A text message is fleeting, and a ‘how are you’ is swift, but true time is never overlooked, never in vain.  So, you’re a little late to the meeting, a little late for lunch, a little behind on paperwork. The time you spent on someone will never seem wasted.
Of all the things she told me and all the advice she gave, most of what she gave me was time; time to air my thoughts in the open, time to shed a tear, and time to feel like I was worth her time.
Stop for just a second, and let someone know they are worth the little bits of time you have.  You don’t have to give big gifts, you just need to give a little time.  

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