Wednesday, February 27

25th Year: Week One

Welcome to the 25th year, people!
(Which, technically,the 26th...if you think about it.)
So, it's 'Welcome to the year I respond '25' when people ask how old I am!'. I'm committing myself to a picture a day for this whole year, and here are the first few days. (More than a week, but you have to get caught up.) And here, is what I've learned.
1. My husband is an author. And illustrator.
2. We are getting old in this house. None of us can party like we used to.
3. Real castles and real princesses DO exist.
4. Garbanzo beans work as an excellent bribery tool (and are something of a super-food for dogs.)
5.Food does NOT have calories while in vacation.
6. My grandma IS a professional quilter and makes the best gifts.
7. It's always good to have a pup at home who misses you when you're away.
8. Snow is NOT a good luck charm when looking at/buying houses.
9. Contrary to popular belief, while many things DO freeze in Minnesota, the sushi does not.



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