Thursday, January 17

no looking back

"The hardest part of moving forward is not looking back." --Sally, on Felicity

The majority of people have goals in life to move forward. Bigger paychecks, higher degrees, greater promotions. Chasing and catching dreams, be like that, have more of this, make great changes. Accomplish this, finally do that. Grow, deepen, strengthen. New Years, college, mid-life crises, tragedies, and changes, all inspire everyone to move forward.

But what's rarely talked about is the looking back.

What about when it didn't work then? How about the time luck didn't run my way? What about all the nay-sayers, the obstacles, and the things that could go wrong?

What about the fact that I may not have what it takes?

If not for this subtle, yet very powerful, dark force that causes us to second guess, worry, and remember all that hasn't work before, this world would be full of achievers, believers, dreamers, and doers.

I think there's another quote that goes something like, "Imagine what you would do if there was no failing", or maybe it's, "what would you do if you knew you wouldn't fail", or, "what if your dreams were bigger than failures".

So, think about it, how many things would you have already done if you hadn't looked back? How many dreams would you have chased if you hadn't crumbled under the fear of the jump?

That enemy is out there, ready to kill, steal, and destroy. To kill your dreams--squash them dead. To steal any hope you had of achieving them. And to destroy any future attempts of trying, reaching, going for it.

So, you've got the encouragement you need, the push to move past that fear and doubt, and just go for it. There are quotes and books and movies and little gifts everywhere to inspire you.

But there are days when that just isn't enough. There are days when all you can do is look back. It takes every bit of strength you have to look up and away.

Enter, worship.

To be grateful for what you have, what you've survived, what you've accomplished, and just simply who you are, is to worship without looking back. To submerse yourself in awe, and wonder, amazement, and joy, is to be content with the sitting still. Here, there is no pressure, no force, no darkness, no doubt, fear, or feet-looking. Instead, you're looking up, looking forward.

No, you may not be moving forward in that moment, but the looking forward and denying the looking back, opens you up for moments of moving forward. Find yourself in a place of worship and find yourself in a position ready to move forward.


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