Sunday, November 4


I was starving and didn’t know why,
Tired and weary, nothing to do, but cry.
I had no words, nothing to say
And didn’t really know anything was really that wrong
But You fed me, even when I was starving
And didn’t know why
I was struggling and fighting, and didn’t understand
But as much as I kicked, You stayed, and held my hand.
I hid behind closed doors, but You stayed.
I caved myself in, and You stayed.
You waited and held my hand, even when I was struggling and fighting
And didn’t understand.
It was like wearing sunglasses and never looking up,
It was living in darkness with any empty cup.
But You filled up my lungs, You gave me words again,
There in the church, there by the cross, there, once more, with friends.
I was starving and didn’t know why,
Hope was gone, joy was lost.
So, You fed me. Even though
I was starving, and didn’t know why.


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