Tuesday, September 4

this is why

"Pumpkin Spice Lattes are here!"
This is the text I received from my husband when...
I remembered why God put us together in the first place.
1) We're so gosh darn compatible and opposite that it works. Well. (I would have notified him immediately when I found out too, but I would have put a bazillion more exclamation points.)
2) He capitalized every word in the title. He's so not a lazy man and he sure knows what's important!
3) We were married in the fall. October 1st, to be exact, because those lattes are just the cherry on top of the scarves, boots, cuddly couch weather, pumpkin picking patches, and Saturday brunch and shopping in the mountains. Even if it was a Husker game day and half the people left before the bouquet was tossed and the cake was cut. (I took a long hiatus from football season because I was bitter...but I'm fine now.)
4) And, lastly, because Hubby has a full weekend planned (I'm thinking in the mountains) for our one year anniversary next month. It's completely a surprise, completely planned out, and completely, perfectly set for this time of year. I'm sure we'll grab a few lattes on our way there...

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