Tuesday, September 25

Mrs. Crappypants

Meet Mrs. Crappypants.

That's just what she did this morning. She crapped in her pants.

Phoebe has this awful habit of not "going before we leave", but more like, "going before we sleep". The solution: doggy diaper. Typically, she has a late-night tinkle, or goes completely dry all night. But, oh, last night....last night, she left a stinker of a surprise.

So, forward to 5:30 a.m. and husband and I are cleaning said stinky surprise out of the diaper and off of the dog. (Those of you non-dog people now know why you're non-dog people...)

Mom (our 2 week visitor) walks in and says, "What are ya doin'!?"

"Cleaning the crap off our dog," I say.

"Will this go in your blog?" she says.


Well, here it is. Just for you, Momma.

I gave her this weird look of disgust like, "you-think-I'm-going-to-take-a-picture-of-THIS???" or, "I'll-reveal-the-most-intimate-details-about-my-life, but-cleaning-poop-off-a-dog? Nu-uh."

Yet, here it is.

Because then she said, "well, surely there's a lesson in here somewhere."

And she's right.

You'd think the lesson is 'don't make your dogs wear diapers, they hate it', or, 'try training your dogs once, idiots'. But no, none of those are the lessons here. The lesson is this:

Shit Happens. And lessons can still be learned.


Love you, Mom.

P.s. Mom is having surgery this week and camping at our house. Pray for her recovery, everyone's sanity, and less dirty diapers.

P.s.s. I've noticed that everyone in the blogosphere has a nickname for their husband. Mine is just 'husband'. Help? We need a new fun one...

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