Friday, September 14

Friday Funday Tributes

In light of this Friday, 60-degree, Fall-looking morning, here are a few things to get your day off on the right start! (This is like one of those cute or funny fowards that make you giggle, but lots more fun to imagine!)

To the man whose car was shaking because you were ROCKing out to 80's music driving down Speer Boulevard, I applaud you. I applaud you for having the body mass and vigor to move that car with your moves. I applaud you for doing what all of us want to be doing but never do because we're afraid that people will see us. I applaud you for making me join in with you. I applaud you for not even having tinted windows!

To the little guy--5 years old--who called into KLove this morning, requesting the Morning Song. When asked what your name was, you said, "Emanuel". When asked what your name means, you said, "God with us". When asked what your favorite thing about God is, you said, "That He's coming". I have never wanted babies so badly until that very moment.

To the geese who backed up traffic on Husband's way to work. To all twenty of you, actually. To your courage and bravery, and to your attitude that says, "Excuse me...wait there...hey, buddy!." and, "Hello! What's with the traffic jam? I'm trying to get to Pond here!"

To Kathy Sabine, the one we all thank for nice weather and curse for the bad stuff. Apparently, you've finally achieved it; you have officially pleased every person in the city by bringing buckets of rain one day, cool breezes and a warm sun the next, and a mildly warm (compared to what we have had) weekend so that all can get out and enjoy the last weekend of summer. Thanks, You Weather Master, you!

And finally, to the lady who lost 85 pounds on 'The Starbucks Diet'. Damn you.


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