Tuesday, August 14

you never know

You never know it's God timing until after He's already done it.

You never know that God is actually behind the scenes, planning the perfect day, the perfect time, to make everything work beautifully and in your favor. You never know that He's the one causing the pause, the pain, the pondering, until after it's happened and you're sitting in awe of how well it worked out. You never know that what you're waiting on is His watch, perfectly set to the time zone of the Kingdom, until you're sitting on your knees in utter disbelief, because how could you have ever planned it this well? You never know...

You never know it's God when you're being dumped or left behind, until you meet the person who sticks beside you in your worst moments, when you're at you're ugliest.

You never know it's God when you lose everything, until you get it all back in bigger amounts or, better yet, in completely different fashion and forms.

You never know it's Him when you don't get that job or you lose this job, until you get one that utilizes your every talent, frees up your life and spirit, or blesses you beyond reason.

You never know it's Him when your drowning, completely under water, without hope of surfacing, until you do, you surface and breath deeper than ever because you're stronger.

You never know it's Him when you're waiting, waiting, waiting, until the answer comes and its better than you expected.

You never know it's Him when every door keeps closing, until only one opens up, the only one that fits.

Of course, there are many times when the answer isn't perfect, the outcome isn't wonderful, and we don't get all we wanted, but I imagine we'll know one day that was Him, too. I imagine at the end of the day, we'll know He was there, all along, in every heartache, every anxious moment, every joyful laugh, and He was always working. All we can do in the meantime is pray and wait, wait with hope and expectancy, because you just never know when He's going to do something great. You just never know...

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