Friday, August 31

lofty and generic

Do you know Bryan Allain? This 9 minute video will give you all the backstory you need.

So, what Bryan is saying is that I've got another 8 years to go...

OR that it's time I start praying very specific prayers. I prayed about a month ago that God would give me peace about staying in my current job, if that's what He was calling me to do. Hours a day spent doing nothing starts to wear and tear on a person. Plus, if you know me, you know that I just don't stay in medial jobs for very long. It's not that I don't want to, it's that I feel pulled away, checked out of these jobs that are not utilizing my gifts after just a few months.

I've already got this huge complex that I need to find a job, park my car, and just do it for a while. But then, I prayed that prayer. "Please, God, give me peace about staying here if that's what You want for me."

And I've been sick ever since. Nasuea, dizziness, fatigue like a boater in from the hurricane. Plus that fun trip to the ER the other night. I must have thought of five other reasons for these problems...pregnancy(nope :( ), cancer, ulcers, etc. But never did I stop to think that only three days before I started feeling this way, I asked God to bring me peace.

Coincidence, maybe. God, maybe. Either way, I've got to start praying specific prayers. I'm not promising myself or anyone that I'll get everything I want in the time I ask for, but I am saying that this relationship with God thing is just that: a realtionship. How can I grow to know Him if I don't allow Him to work specifically in my life and in my needs? And how do I learn that He knows me, inside and out, if I don't talk to Him about what I desire or need or want? Praying lofty, generic prayers keeps God right there, at a lofty, generic distance.

Now, go watch the video for real. It's not hocus pocus or silly stuff. I've actually heard so many testimonies lately about God doing things specifically. Plus, Hubby picked Bryan Allain up from DIA one time and drove all the way back to Nebraska, listening to his humor and wisdom. I like to think, in some way, that links us and now we know a celebrity. (I, by association only...)

Then, get to praying specifically! You may not get that corvette tomorrow, or get to quit your job by the end of the day, but I'm willing to bet you get to know God a little more and start to understand what He really wants for you.

Happy Weekend!

Also, check out Bryan Here.

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