Monday, July 9

a stolen blog: 15 things to do today

Warning: I'm kind-of, in a way, very much so stealing this great idea from a fellow blogger, The Frustrated Cowgirl. She's an absolute delight and I really liked the thought of this. Read hers, too!

My half-birthday isn't until August, but I'll be gone that weekend. Plus, I saw this idea today and wanted to get started!

1. Let go. This is so obviously number one because I'm a planner, a perfectionist, a worrier, and a holder. It's time that I diligently work at letting each of those up a bit. Try really hard to forgive the person you're mad at most, try really hard to not plan next year's 4th of July (kidding...kind of), and try really hard to let you be you and God be God. Period.

2. Stop looking in the mirror! Well, in bad ways, anyway. Stop looking to see if that inch came off or if your thighs are smoother or if that pimple finally healed. Look in the mirror and say, "Good work, God". Remember, He does not make mistakes. He only makes beauty. And darnit, workout for fun instead of slavery, k?

3. Be embarrassed. Ya, uh-huh. Allow yourself to sing in praise team and not care if I miss a note. Allow myself to look stupid in front of my husband and not worry about it. Allow myself to speak up unashamedly. Allow myself to laugh. A lot.

4. Laugh more. You'd think that #3 was enough. It's not. Life is stinky, life is hard, but it doesn't have to get you down.

5. Know when to say no.  I can't be everyone's everything everyday. I just can't. It makes me grouchy and sad. I have special gifts and when I use those gifts, God gives me strength. But when I try to do everything else, He says, "You're on your own, sister."

6. You save and you spend, but you do both responsibly. I am and always have been super good with money. I've gotten rid of debt as fast as I can, I've saved money for this and for that. I've also bought a new pair of shoes when the other 84 were in my closet. STOP feeling guilty for either side. You're a steward of God's great gifts, continue to be.

7. Be sexy. You're not bad to look at, and being sexy is o.k. Stop feeling shame instead.

8. Get to know Her Lady Patience. Not everything happens overnight, in fact, the best things don't.

9. Stop worrying about what you write. A) It's a free country. B) I write things that help me, so maybe they'll help someone else. C) You've been called to this place. If someone hates it, help them find a new blog?

10. Take alone time. No matter who it might upset or how inconvenient it might be, request, demand, and schedule alone time. Allow naps, allow bath time, allow walks, allow anything that helps you to focus on the other 14 items listed here. I refuel this way. Never let yourself get drained because YOU didn't do anything to stop it.

11. Eat and enjoy. Stop counting calories each time you chew on something.

12. Give yourself some credit. Not all of my qualities are bad. Not everything on this list is bad. Plan a wedding or a birthday party and someone will love it. Be very careful about writing a perfect paper and your professor will thank you. Want to be better for the Kingdom? God will reward it.

13. In everything, pray. (This really should've been number one...) Power of prayer has been so evident in your life lately, no reason to stop now.

14. Let people know where you stand. Whether this is being honest with a disagreement, speaking loudly about faith, or stopping lousy talk in your presence, just do it. With kind words and a good heart, just do it.

15. Be bold. In everything, be bold. Bold faith, bold prayer, bold writing, bold actions, bold love, bold faith, bold, bold, bold.

I realize I went from first person to third to second all around back to first. I apologize. But I really did write this for me, and maybe some of you can keep me accountable? Make a list of things that better you, not because you need to be better, but because God made you great and its time you start living like you believe it!

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