Thursday, July 26

show me whatya got

For the past few days I have let discouragement loom above my head as if it's my new crown. Sitting on my bum, seven hours a day, answering a phone, editing a newsletter, filing applications, has left me feeling as though I contribute zilch-nadda-zip to my community.

Sure, in some great realm, behind the scenes, I may be doing a great work. I just feel slightly inadequate, very unimportant.

But today, today there is no room for that. (Especially not since Vegas Girls Getaway commences in ten-ish hours...) I've settled in--at my desk--with a cuppa' tea (the cute 'two buds and a box calls it that) and I'm reading your blogs! Inspiration, fun, laughter, great stories--all welcome today.

So, show me whatya got!

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