Tuesday, June 26

free from it all

Abraham Lincoln was walking along one day, and saw a young woman being auctioned off for slavery. He reached into his pocket, pulled out everything he had, and bought the young girl.
They handed her over to Abraham, and he looked at her and said,
"You're free."
She stared in amazement. "You don't want use me?" she asked.
"No. You're free. Go on your way."
"Well, then,” she said, "I want to go with you."

When someone--your master--tells you you're free, don't you want to just be with him? That kind of compassion, that kind of soul, that kind of heart--doesn't that make you want to just be near him, let him hold your hand, learn from him, watch his ways?

Jesus was walking along the earth. He saw this young girl being auctioned off to a village of many: Fear, Anger, Worry, Lies, Sex, Drugs, and Abuse--they were all there. A few more, too. He took everything he had--his life, even--and bought her. She walked towards him, looking over her shoulder at all those things that continue to try and purchase her, and Jesus said,
"You're free."
She stared in awe; how can those other things just be forgotten? Especially when moments and days ago she was walking with those people, hand in hand.
"You're free. Walk away from those things, because they do not own you, they do not have chains on you. You're free, sweetheart."

And all I want to do is be with him. All I want is to hold is hand, walk beside him, learn his ways. I want to know that kind of compassion, soul, and heart. I am free, from all kinds of things and even from his mastery, and yet, all I want is to be near him. I do not want to stray, I want to go along with him.

The true story about Abraham Lincoln told by Russ Cole at Crosstimbers Christian Fellowship in Westminster, Colorado.


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