Wednesday, May 23

today's tidbits

Today won't be one of those days where I write a vague story about someone else's life, or dance around the truths in my own life. In fact, I want you all to know that I work very hard at protecting the privacy of those around me, and those who have hurt or offended me. Rather, this place is where I can bring my own embarassments, struggles, tests, angers, frustrations, and insecurities. Hopefully, you're not struggling equally with these things, but if you are, maybe this is a place where you might feel less alone, and a little more hopeful. If not, then this is just a place where I can write about the growth I hope is happening in me, and you lovely followers and friends can read along and walk with me.

So, today will be all about what other people are doing for me. The truth is, we've all got some very deep insecurities, but I often forget this fact. I typically think everyone else has got it all together, and I'm floundering in my own mess. Don't get me wrong, I don't want everyone else to be struggling, but in these messages of comradery, I recognize what my purpose will be in counseling and psychology--a doctor of the heart, if you will. I recognize this because of my own healing when other people talk about insecurity, fear, harm, and anger. I no longer want to feel guilty for allowing the world to read into my life and my privacy, because I know the power of words spoken, the transformation in outward honesty, and the positive consequences of un-safe truth.

Go ahead, take a loon into the things that spoke into my heart today, and maybe they'll speak into yours. Maybe tomorrow I'll write about a serious issue again, without guilt or shame. :)

" I don’t think we feel despair because of the hurt in our lives; I think we feel despair because we’ve lived the same story on repeat and see no possibility of living a different one. "

             Find this man's beautifully-written blog @ Good Women Project 

There's also a blog today about the hundreds-maybe thousands-of men struggling with insecurities about the one thing they're supposed to "just know". I hope you can unashamedly pass this to any friends or men in your life.

Or, spend some time reading about the days that these insecurities are washed away. I frequently get wrapped up in wanting my life to look a little more perfect and be a little better because I've only got this one life, this one shot, right? When I die, I won't have some of the luxuries and fun things I had on the earth, right? ...

More Affectionate Lover
God is the source of all masculine power; God is also the fountain of all feminine allure. Come to think of it, he is the wellspring of everything that has ever romanced your heart. The thundering strength of a waterfall, the delicacy of a flower, the stirring capacity of music, the richness of wine. The masculine and the feminine that fill all creation come from the same heart. What we have sought, what we have tasted in part with our earthly lovers, we will come face-to-face with in our True Love. For the incompleteness that we seek to relieve in the deep embrace of our earthly love is never fully healed. The union does not last, whatever the poets and pop artists may say. Morning comes and we've got to get out of bed and off to our day, incomplete once more. But oh, to have it healed forever; to drink deeply from that fount of which we've had only a sip; to dive into that sea in which we have only waded.

(Desire , 137-38), John Eldridge



  1. "Come to think of it, he is the wellspring of everything that has ever romanced your heart."

    I love this.

    Thanks for sharing what's impacted you today! :)

  2. Seriously, your blog has GREATLY impacted me and provided a lot of wisdom and hope in my life. Thank you for sharing and being vulnerable with your story.

    Much appreciated!

    1. Yayyyyy!!

      (Hopefully you've seen Parks & Rec, or that just sounds silly...)

      Vicky, I'm so glad to hear that God has inspired these stories in the heart of someone else. Thank YOU for reading and reaching out. I'd love to talk anytime, if you'd like!