Thursday, May 17

like Jesus

I've got this deep desire to figure out who I was created to be, so that I can be a little more like it each day. There's no mold for me, I'm one of a kind. There's no manual or troubelshooting manual, I wasn't created in a lineup. When I think of the characteristics and manerisms I'd like to have, I think of all of these. So, I wasn't created in a limeup or in a mold, but I was created pretty specifically like we all are. I was created to be like Jesus.

Thanks, Alli, for sharing such perfect words. I thought I'd underline and bold and star all my favorite parts...

Light in the Darkness: I want to be like Jesus.

"Here is the man for all seasons: overflowing with joy, intimate with sorrow**, hospitable to sinners, nemesis of evil*, tempted in all ways**, innocent of all wrongdoing, at home in lonely places, the life of the party, one who turns water into wine, just because he can, who multiplies loaves and fishes, just because he cares, but who denies help to his cousin John as he languishes in prison, who, indeed, refuses to help himself when he staggers in a desert or groans from a cross. He goes up on mountains and down in valleys. He preaches to thousands but takes time for any lone beggar, weeping whore, groveling invalid, writhing demoniac, pleading father. He leaves banquets to visit the sick ward**. He is silent when talking would help his cause, and talkative when silence seems most prudent. He is rude with bullies and phonies and prigs and, at the same time, tender with losers and seekers and penitents***." -- Mark Buchanan, Spiritual Rhythm

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