Tuesday, May 1

extra help

I've been down lately and I wanted to think about how I could be a better person. I just typed in A Good woman and it lead me to agoodwomanproject.com. I scrolled through the pages and don't really remember what I clicked on. I came to your story on there and felt like your were writing my story (well 95%) of it. I decided, I would start my own blog and read yours as well. I just wanted to thank you because you never know who you can impact by disclosing personal information. Being vulnerable is a difficult characteristic to share with the public, but as I search for a mentor, I hope that your posts will inspire me. The good, the bad, and everything. I just wanted to say thank you for writing that post and you have a new follower! I hope everything in your life develops as God has planned and makes you happy!

God bless,

I figure Gina won't mind that I directly quoted her comment here, because she commented it over there. Writing for Good Women Project was a very tough thing to do. To write into words how I'm feeling in a struggle so big, and to display all of our problems--so personal and so private--for all the world to see, was emotionally, spiritually, and physically taxing. I was basically reaching out, wondering and hoping if this was what my whole life might look like.

And little does Gina know, she inspired tons of that hope. She reminded me that maybe our marriage won't look like this forever. Maybe the words I write actually are helping people. Maybe people really are in need of God's love. She reminded me that I am not wrong or crazy, and that my aching and hurting may not all be for nothing.

Just when you thought I was helping you, Gina, you were actually helping me out of the darkness, away from critics and cynics, away from fear and pain, and reminding me that I ought to just let God be God.

Thank you.

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