Monday, April 2


I have this somewhat annoying, rather obssesive, but completely enjoyable and knack-like habit of constantly changing the house. Not by moving the couch to this corner or by that wall, and rearranging everything in the cabinets, but in the way that with the ever-changing weather I bring in candles or flowers or vases or pictures or odd objects to reflect the mood. And since I am also running my air conditioner in March April, it only seems fitting that fruits and flowers and reds and oranges should adorn the walls and spaces in this tiny home.

This changing season has also brought about a 6 month wedding anniversary for me and Alex, which just seems hardly possible and yet, totally and completely fathomable given the six month journey we've had. And in recreating our Seattle experience, we took a trip downtown to the aquarium. I think I've noticed before, but somehow never really noticed the incredible and vibrant hues of orange and purple and green and blue and yellow...

And, frankly, I see the similarities in those two pictures. I see the heart of a girl who desires a beautiful space to be in each day, and whose eyes long for the beauty in color. I also see the heart of a God who desires beauty, creates beauty, and offers beauty. And being made in His image, being made just like Him, helps me to understand my need to decorate, my need for change, and my want for beauty.

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