Thursday, March 1

heart of eve

I'm discovering that identifying with women across the globe might be my "thing". Like, my “I knit” or “I draw” or “I sing”. I relate. I watched a video with Lindsey Lohan and identified with her humbling, grateful attitude that has found her appreciating her struggle, appreciating the fight she survived through, the lessons she's learned on the other side. Then, I read an article about an 18 year old whose 41 year old teacher just moved in with her, leaving his family, his job, and his dignity behind. I identified with the little girl who believed the lies, just thought she was falling in love, and hoped for this enchanting fairytale of a life.

I have not personally walked down either of these paths, nor do I know either of these girls very well. What I do know, what I have learned, is the heart of Eve. Eve passed that heart to each child, every generation, all women. Some are more tuned in with that heart, some are more deceptive of that heart, and some just choose not to see that heart. But it is surely there.

Eve's heart is one of great, abundant, outpouring love. She loves big, because she knows big love and desires big love. The problem is when great love is provided by someone or something other than her God, she can be left filling empty. Eve also has this want to help everyone, heal everything, make it all better. The problem here lies in the burdens that can be cast by thinking she'll do all that on her own, plus a little more. Eve also has a desire for Adam. This desire, one completely categorized and recognized on its own, is different from the desire to be beautiful, successful, happy, and so on. With this desire, she wants his love, his affection, his adoration, his loyalty. Beyond all of that she wants strength and protection, gentleness and kindness. Talk about some very large shoes to fill...

Eve is one of God's most amazing and perfect creations. God made her perfect, because nothing else would do. He made her in His image, to make things great, sort of like the grand finale.

And I love her. I love her character, I love her story, I love her relationship with God and her battle with evil.

Which works out rather well, because it helps me understand mine.

And so, here we are, a bunch of Eves walking around this crazy, broken planet in search of those things that will suffice our desire, give us what we think we need. And there to catch us in the midst is evil; lies, deception, fear, hurt, judgment. We have a responsibility, as Eves, to share our stories, walk beside others, and let them know that there is better, there is greater.

Truth is, there is only One. There is one great love, one great maker, one great Father to suffice all of those needs. The moment you understand how deep, how high, how wide, how full, how great that love is, you'll have a much easier time watching your desires be fulfilled by Him, a much easier time discerning against lies, and a much easier time trusting that everything actually will be okay.

And I love the honesty from people who say it doesn't happen overnight. I did not wake up that Thursday morning and think, "hey, God loves me-bunches-so, today I just won't sin, I won't believe any lies, I won't fall victim to any kind of defeat. And that is that." It's a process, a learning movement. But I'm telling you, I'm promising you, that over time, realization after realization, story after story, you will begin to feel this great love, and choosing that great love will get easier each time.

Eves, I beg you, relate to one another, be kind to one another, share your struggles and fears, love big (because that's what you already do), and reach out. Think of what this broken world might look like if we all started relating to and with one another.

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