Tuesday, January 17


I just want to be even closer to You
I just want to be even closer
I am Yours, You can have all of me, anything, everything
I just want to be closer
  --Shawn McDonal

I didn't know the word betrothed until a couple of years ago. I heard it in a sermon at church, during a study on the Song of Solomon. I understood it's meaning of married or to be married, but I want something more.

I want to know what it means to be betrothed by God, my Father. I want to know what it means to know that He asks me to be His, and will not stop asking until I fully am. I want to know what betrothed means when it comes from my Creator, my Giver, my Father, my shelter, my grace and mercy, my forgiveness. I want to know what His covenant is about, what He promises.

I want to be close enough to know what He is doing in my life, what He has planned for me, and the promises He'll deliver. I want to know the deeper meaning of betrothed so that I know what His love for me is, what His hope gives me, and where the author of my life and keeper of my heart really resides.

I want to know what it fully means to be His, so that I can be fully present in the life He has called me to. I want to know this so that when storms come, I remember where I belong and where the key to my heart really lies.

I want the word betrothed to be so real to me, so close, that it is written on my heart, my ring finger, and every aspect of my life.

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