Sunday, January 8


Writer of emotions, lessons, and struggles, writer of bible verses, inspirational songs and encouraging quotes, and photographer of cute animals, great family memories and beautiful scenery. I suppose a reviewer of movies is a new addition to my list.

If you haven't seen 'I Don't Know How She Does It', you ought to. This movie is refreshing in the way it tells a real story about a real woman with a real life. I've identified with Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie, the writer, shoe lover, and city girl, but I identified with her today as Kate.

I identify with the woman who loves her work; loves the satisfaction it brings when she's accomplished something great, especially when that means helping other people, and loves when she's good at what she's doing.

I identify with the woman who makes lists; lists of things to do and get done, lists of things to remember and prioritize, lists of things to make lists for.

I identify with the woman who keeps busy; busy with chores and duties, busy with life, and busy with the things that really matter to her.

I identify with the woman who tries her best, promises her best, and gives her best, regardless of what it costs her.

I identify with the woman who is tired beyond reason, but will dress up a store bought pie because she cares so much.

I identify with the woman whose co-worker pushes the boundaries. And I identify with the woman who stands up against those boundaries.

I identify with the woman whose eyes roll at the women who pretend that life is clean and perfect and great. Where is the authenticity, the truth? Where is the real woman behind that?

I identify with the woman who lives to please, because she is thoughtful and compassionate, not because she is willing to sacrifice her character.

I identify with the woman who longs to be respected like the men at work, but would rather be a woman with strength, integrity, dedication and honesty any day.

I identify with the woman who won't quit.

I identify with the woman who, with or without kids at the moment, delights in the giggle of a little girl, and the affection of a little boy.

I identify with the woman who loves her life, no matter how messy and horrible and trying it is, because the big picture is that she is blessed. She is blessed with a husband, a home, a job, friends and family, and with the little things in between. I identify with the perseverance, the hard work, the ambition and the love that Kate models throughout the entire movie.

I caught a glimpse today of what my life might look like in ten years, despite the mess and the struggles its given lately. I encourage you to spend a couple of hours watching a movie about a woman that encourages you; encourages you to notice how great you are and how great your life is and will be.

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  1. And I love you for every. single. one. of those reasons. :)