Monday, December 12

Out There

Have you ever gone to a high school play, or concert, or football game and looked for yourself? Have you looked for the person that is most like you were? The person who acts like you, walks like you, dressed like you did or appeared the way you felt...

I have and I did, last weekend at a Christmas concert. I couldn't find her exactly. I don't remember being that confident, or that pretty, or that shy or that unsure. But I do remember being there. I remember all the things I hoped to be and and trying to be sure of all the things I was.

Then, what would you say? If you saw that person who looked like you, what advice would you have given them?

The counselor says I'm a little 'out there'. (Out there has about a billion meanings and implications. But I like them all.) And that's exactly what I would've told that girl, had I found her.

"Don't be afraid, just be you. Be out there. Be out there because it's you, and being you will always lead you in the right direction, right back to God, right to where you began."

So, do that. Be "out there". Living in a shell doesn't really come with any perks, no matter how you spin it.


  1. I too, do the same. I believe if I could go back and give myself some advice that is what I would tell myself.
    I ponder it often. Not out of a longing to go back and change things but to just think of what could have been. I was the guy who could have fit in within any crowd I chose. But I chose the road less traveled in high school. That was running whole heartedly after God. Then found that I couldn't fit in with most of them. But I can honestly say that I have no regrets from my high school years. Like the blogs