Wednesday, December 14


Sometimes, it is only the unique things that really stick with us. Sometimes, a broken record or a memorized mantra just will not sink in. Even though that's the idea. Sometimes, it takes a little more.

Do you remember Sarah? Of Abraham and Sarah? Here's the deal; they each loved God and trusted God. (As of today, I refuse to use the phrase 'God-fearing'. I get the idea, but I won't associate God with fear.) However, Abraham was a typical moron of a husband. He didn't exactly treat Sarah like he should, and he didn't exactly use his love for God very appropriately. And, in my eyes, I could never understand why Sarah just stayed and took it.

Apparently, she didn't.

The words "temptation" and "lies" did nothing for me. I knew that's what they were and I knew they were wrong, but that never changed the affect they were having on me. When Tom told me "you've found counterfeit rest," it went a little like this...

Ding-ding-ding. We have a winner.

I've been searching and finding rest in anything that doesn't feel like a danger-zone. I've been shopping and eating and spending hours at work because my soul was finding rest. And if you'ver ever been out of rest, you know how good rest can feel. Very, very good. And very, very tempting.

But Sarah found her rest in her God. She stayed beside that bozo because she had trust in God's plan. Her husband was taking her for granted and not protecting her, but she trusted that God valued her and protected her, always.

And so, if all of this means that I get to be more like Sarah-an admired, honored, highly-esteemed, Godly woman-before the age of 25, okay, fine. And if all I have to do is start recognizing true rest from counterfeit rest, well, I think that's a little more my style rather than 'right from wrong' or 'good from bad'.

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