Wednesday, December 7


One of life's great companions is a treadmill. A good treadmill is the kind that provides a few landscapes, different outlooks to choose from. The kind that allows you to plug in your iPod and listen to the best of Kelly Clarkson for motivation, Florence and the Machine for fun, and a few Christmas carols for festive purposes. The great kind throws in a 'How are you doing?' and 'You're doing great!' for support. And the best kind is one that keeps you focused, straight ahead, and inattentive of those around you. The best treadmill is steady and secure, and prepared to help you make it through.

Somehow, these characteristics elicit an attitude to just do it. Though it's hurtful at times, difficult at most, and not exactly the most fun thing you've ever done, the drive to push through because the end results are great, is deeply beneficial.

Perhaps what I need is a treadmill for the other aspects of my life. I need something that will show me more than one window to look through; the more positive ones would be nice. I need to be able to play soundtracks each day, that will keep my heart focused and my feet moving. I need to be able to hear music of encouragement and truth. I'd like a 'how are you doing?' and a 'you're alright, you're doing great' every now and then to remind me that while I'm human, I will survive, somehow. I need to keep my focus off of what others might be saying or how others are doing, and realize that my walk doesn't, and isn't intended to, look like anyone else's.

And I need a mindset that says even though it isn't always easy, it isn't always fun, and sometimes it just plain stings, that if I push through today, I'll see that the end results are magnificent.

Perhaps, just maybe, if I stick with the treadmill I'll find these other things in other aspects of my life. If I make it a habit to be there for an hour each day, I'll find it spilling into my life in all the other hours of my life.

And just like that, my treadmill could be compared to the Bible; another one of life's greatest-and best-companions.

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