Thursday, December 15


I saw a man who seemed to be frantically looking for something. He was anxious and frustrated, but calm and focused. I didn't ask what the urgency was, I only watched his frantic motions.

"Have you seen it anywhere?" He asked.

"Have I seen what?"

"The fountain. There's a fountain somewhere near."

Clearly, I had no idea what fountain he was talking about.

"A man asked me for a coin earlier today, so he could throw it into the fountain and make a wish. It wasn't until later that I noticed I had given him my grandfather's coin. A coin from Germany that he got when he was in the war. It's unique, one of a kind, and the only one I had. Plus, it was his that he gave to me many years ago."

I helped the man look while my heart filled with ache for what he must be going through. I had lost things before; things that were important to me, things that I would obviously miss. But this, this must have been awful.

After a long while, the man still had no intention of giving up. With the most sincere voice he looked up at me and said,

"You'll know it's mine when you see it. It's silver and polished. And it shines brighter than any other coin."

This story was told on the radio this morning. At the end of the story, the radio man said,

"This last line sounds like something my father, God, would say about his child. A child who is lost, while He is searching and looking hard to find them, and bring them home again. You'll know it's mine when you see it. It is silver and polished. And it shines brighter than any other coin."

Some of us are lost, some of us are distanced, and some of us just don't understand. But He sees us like silver. Perfectly polished and shining brighter than any other coin.

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