Sunday, November 20

Stars and Whales

I believe I've raved about Southeast Christian Church a few times before. I also believe I've mentioned this church is like my mothership; the large, phenomenal place that my heart calls home. And I believe I've mentioned how this church does something for my heart, for my healing. Well, let me say it all again.

Todd Hudson was giving his last sermon on Saturday night. The words he spoke were profound. Almost like they were coming right from God's lips to our ears...

"You'll be willing to to give up everything...You'll see that the kingdom, what I have planned for you, is far better than anything you have to give up, anything you have to walk away from."

"Let Me in. I am worth far more than any riches."

And just like that, I realize that I've lost my focus. I've lost sight of all I had dreamed of, all that I hoped for. I had lost track of the reason I agreed to this adventure, made this promise, and gave my life away.

And mostly, I had lost sight of the kingdom. I had lost sight of the promise, the end of the story. And then we went back to Southeast for a night of worship and watched this...

(I know, I know...14 minutes?! It's so, so worth it.)

How great is our God...

If singing with the stars and whales is part of the kingdom, I'm in.

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