Monday, October 24

Funny Things

It's a funny thing when you take a leave absence or walk away for an extended period. Sometimes it is all too hard to find your way back. Life gets busy and other tasks take importance. Kind of like, sleeping in my cozy, duvet-covered, pillow-swarmed bed is more important than waking up to head to the gym. But I'll try that one again tomorrow.

But today, I just had to come back to writing. I've been reading books and blogs and kind of wondering why I've fallen off the map. So, here I am. Back where I belong.

It's also a funny thing when life just "hands" you things. Especially when it's handing you something completely unexpected and completely unwanted. It's funny how you can plan and prepare for something your whole life; dream about it, think about it, talk about it, write about it, or even draw about it. You can do everything in your power to make it the most wonderful experience, and it can still flip around and become a memory unwanted. You can hope for the best, and still get the worst.

And how are you supposed to prepare for this? How are you supposed to plan for getting something other than your dream? As a child, you can't. Your whole life is based on imagination and wonder. And somehow, even as an adult, you spend a lot of your time in a fantasy world.

The good news-the saving grace of all of this-is that life does another funny thing; sometimes it hands you something better than you expected. Sometimes, you get some really good news. Some really good, unexpected, out of the blue news. And suddenly the other bad things hurt a little less. The disappointment is a little lighter to carry, and the frustration is a little less nagging.

And the whole point of good news and bad news, good experiences and bad experiences is that we don't get to live in perfection. We don't get to live with dreams and met expectations every day, but we do get needed doses of happiness and relief somewhere in between. And some days it's all about remembering those little doses.

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