Thursday, September 8

Praying for Elephants

Maybe is possibly the most distasteful word.

Truthfully, I loathe this word.

The one word that can hardly be defined in the dictionary, but always means complete uncertainty.

Maybe today will be better. Maybe I'll come see you. Maybe my knee will heal. Maybe I'll take you to the zoo.

As a child, this is one of the must frustrating words to hear. Who wants the fate of their day's activities to be left up to such a whimsical, capricious word?

(I do, however, like the word whimsical. Isn't she whimsical? Such a lovely sound...)

This is especially disheartening if you have to spend the day reading a book, eating some jello, when all the while you were anticipating and hoping to see the elephants.

And while God is no 4 year old, I imagine he isn't fond of this one, either. I mean, He is Lord. He is I Am. He is all-knowing, all-powerful, all full of goodness, and we ask him things like, "could you maybe bring a little rain", "maybe you could heal this pain in my chest" or "maybe you could protect us from harm?"

I think it is nearly impossible for us to imagine His divine power and wisdom. Even with the truthful stories we read in the Bible, I think our mind is simply too small to comprehend all that He can do. And He understands that and He forgives that. But why not take a chance on being bold?

Why not ask Him to do the unthinkable? Bring me a husband, oh Lord. Lead me to a job that provides a safe and secure living-and is fun, too! Provide for me the $10,000 dollars I owe to the hospital because I fell off of that ladder. Use me to do great things like, build a church of 20,ooo plus, or send me to Africa to save the orphans.

I think He delights in these requests. I think He sees our heart, judges it, tests it, moves it, and helps it, so that we can ask these requests. And when asking for gifts that are large, aren't we showing our faith in a God that creates everything, controls everything, and loves everything?

I think so. I know so.

Schedules change, things happen, and uncertainty is looming. But just because it is hard to predict the weather, doesn't mean you can't hope; you might get a rainy day and have to cancel the trip to the zoo. But you might get a warm, sunny day and all that you've been praying for.

Besides, I'm still a child at heart. Don't tell me maybe. Just tell me you're dreaming big, and we're going to the zoo to see the elephants. One way or another, if we pray for big things, we'll get big things.

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