Wednesday, September 14

Hope: Inspired

My mom and I share some of the same tastes in music. More specifically, we share a love for live music, loud pianos, and Soho. Audrey Assad has a live recording in Soho that is just divine. Mom and I even discussed moving to Soho after hearing that music. Sigh. It's beautiful. Like art, for the soul.

Anyway, Audrey presented a song with something like this...

"I just got married 3 months ago. *clapping, hollering* Thank you, thank you. Ya, it was a tough ride. I've always said, if I can get married, anyone can get married. I had so much baggage that I was just carrying around. I was a mess. But we made it."

So, this isn't her exact wording, but it's close. And all I could think was...

"Wait, wait, wait. Audrey, hon, that's me. I carry the most baggage. It takes several cargo planes and FedEx trucks following close behind me to keep all of my things. I mean I carry the title for most 'un-marriageable girl'. Really."

Well, I did. And here I was, listening to a Christian singer/songwriter whose lyrics resonate in my car every single day, and remind me what a kind, gentle God I serve. So, you're telling me that you thought you carried the most baggage?

Hope: inspired.

And Like Audrey sings;

Fear is a current we all get caught in
And in its motion faith can be so hard to find
And we all falter 'cause we're all broken
We're all just trying to turn the shadows into light

You get glory in the midst of this
And You're walking with me

We all falter, because we are all broken. And if Audrey Assad can leave her baggage behind, heal, and get married, then so can I. And I have, and I am.

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  1. You are amazing and really you never had THAT much baggage! I love you and can't wait to see you next weekend! Sanay