Thursday, September 1

Big Ten

It's September 1st. That alone gives me the right to make for you a list of the best darn things about Fall. Here we go...

1. College Football.

2. The color red. Boldly applied in every lawn, living room, vehicle and wardrobe of true fans.

3. Bo Pelini. That gum/cud-chewing, sweatshirt-wearing, extravagant is a face that makes me nostalgic for Fall.

4. Memorial Stadium. Haven't been there? Get there.

5. Comraderie. In this day in age, we could all use a big, loving community that's shouting the same 'bad call's and 'Go Big Red's as we are.

6. Boneless barbeque wings. With a side of chips and salsa...and queso. On Saturday afternoon. Better throw a bowl of chili in there too.

7. Marching bands. Ah, the sound of drums beating and trumpets tooting! Doesn't it just ring 'touchdown' to you?

8. Saturdays. All of 'em. And that Friday after Thanksgiving.

9. Family and friends. Nothing says 'gametime' like a room full of your besties.

10. College football. More specifically, Husker Football. Bleed red, people.

Put on your gamefaces. 'Tis the season!

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