Wednesday, August 3


In the opening scene of Beauty and the Beast, Belle is basking in a bookstore-maybe a library-where the walls and windows are fashionably decorated and cluttered with rows and rows and columns of books. Hard covers and paper covers, red book and blue books, small books and big books. Books, books, books. And the bookstore patron even offers her one to keep; one that she has read over and over again, but just can't resist the urge to check it out one more time.

Sometimes, a lot of the time, I feel like Belle. So inspired and interested by the writings and words and lyrics of others. Especially when it's Water for Elephants, or Eat, Pray, Love, or Firefly Lane. Yep, I often feel like Belle.

Ariel spends her days swimming through the sea, singing songs of the world "out there", wishing for all the things she doesn't have. This does not make her ungrateful, no no, this makes her inquisitive, curious, adventurous, and eager. She is an explorer by nature, and a settler by no means. She is a hopeless romantic, a mature and elegant lady, and a young and restless child at heart.

Sometimes, a lot of the time, I feel like Ariel. I strive to be mature, but yearn for the carefree spirit of a child. I long for things I don't have at the moment, only because I have a hope that stretches beyond the ocean. I hope for things that are yet to come, that are better than I can imagine, and that are already planned for my life. Sometimes I feel like Ariel, too.

Cinderella knows exactly what it means to go from rags to riches. She has swept many floors, mopped many tiles, and dusted many shelves. But once she is transformed to a princess, wearing a stunning, sparkling gowns, her sisters from before do not even recognize her. She has walked away from the struggles and slavery, and put on an outfit that reflect freedom and perfection.

Most of the time, almost every minute of every day, I feel like Cinderella. I feel as though I have walked out of my old clothes and my worn shoes, and stepped into the outfit I was designed for; an outfit of glory, peace, freedom, and love. Mm hhm, I feel like Cinderella, too.

And who says you can't be a Disney princess even at 23?

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