Friday, August 12

Oh, Happiness

I am happiest when I am in the kitchen, chopping vegetables, nibbling on bread and creating a fragrant concoction. Accompanied by Andy McKee.

I am happiest with a good book-something of fiction or non-fiction, comedy or romance, truth or fantasy, sad or uplifting-beside a big window, in a big chair, with a soft, warm, big blanket. Hopefully the rain is falling and the sky is gloomy.

I am happiest at a baseball game, on a warm, summer afternoon that will slowly fade to evening. gummy bears and nachos. And I am accompanied by Alex. For every single game for the rest of my life.

I am happiest when I am writing. In a coffee shop with a latte. With music and mirrors and pictures on the wall.

I am happiest with my mom and brother in a hotel room in the city. Or in the car on the way to that city. Or when we've gotten lost in that city.

I am happiest when my dad cracks a funny joke. Or at a movie with lots of popcorn. Or eating chinese take-out on the living room floor. Or the day after Thanksgiving when I am fasting and decorating for Christmas. Or Christmas Eve with family.

I've got lots of happiest memories and things that make me exuberantly happy every single time. But I will tell you one thing; I am at my absolute, sky-rocketing happiest when my best friend, Jenn, is in the same zip code as me.

And she is! This weekend, for the wonderful bridal shower she is putting on, and for lots of laughing, for 48 hours.

Oh, happiness.


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