Tuesday, August 30

Bagels, Brothers, and Brueggers

Awaiting in my inbox today was a Groupon offer for $5 off at Bruegger's Bagels. Kind of cute, I thought. Of course, it's not my family's bagel shop, but there has to be some kind of long, linear, anscestorial connection somewhere in there, right?

So then I wondered about these other Brueggers. Did they also travel across the Atlantic in search of wide, open spaces? Do they also have a unique and interesting history? Do they have strange uncles that everyone giggles about at reunions? Do they have a special bond that locks them in, keeps them close? Do they have tempers and determination and quirks like we do? I wonder if they know the value of that last name. I wonder if they take great pride in coming from a family like mine. I wonder if the name that means 'bridge dweller' means something more like 'home' for them, too.

This last week has been something of a "spirit beater". Cameron left for college. The word 'left' pretty much describes how it feels. It is so different when you're the one leaving for bigger and better opportunities; but to be left? That's a whole different ball game. Suddenly, your home is all shook up, and it plops you into a deep hole of 'bummed out'. I just can't understand how moms do it...And then, my grandma had a fire in her pasture. (I've never seen a fire blaze outside of a fireplace._ One lightning strike struck and a whole field of grass caught fire and ran away like water leaving the shore. To say that I felt like our land was under attack hardly describes the fire's ominous presence.

And it all starts to leave an imprint on your heart. It is much too easy to take all of the people, all of your gifts and all of your things for granted. It's much too easy to think they will always be around and they will always be yours. My grandma's spirit was calm and easy, resting in knowing that fires come and go, land is fertile and damaged, but it will all be 'okay'. And my mom and dad are encouraging and peaceful, knowing that my brother will do great things and will always be my brother.

Lessons to be learned, over and over, with each new test.

So, I wonder, do those Brueggers have a close, proud family, too? Do they honor that name and wear it proudly? I sure hope so. I hope they learn those lessons the easy ways and the hard ways, equally. And I hope they understand the value, not only of a good bagel, but of a good Bruegger, too.

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  1. Cute post! I used to study at Bruegger's in college and it made me miss home a little bit less. It always reminds me of my grandma!

    I hadn't heard about the fire, but glad to know your grandma is safe. And good luck to Cameron in this new adventure in his life! Hope you're doing well too :)