Wednesday, August 17

The Anatomy of Emotion

I am one of those people. I got trapped, sucked in. I became an addict of a show full of gossip, betrayal, affairs, and impurity. Last fall, I spent an entire 8 weeks catching myself up on Grey's Anatomy, seasons 1 through 7, and now I'm slightly, somewhat, perhaps attached to those people and their stories.

Thanfully, I was able to break away from it and find a life outside of Thursday nights on ABC. Nonetheless, I really love that show, and here is why. It isn't because of the drama or the intestines flying about the rooms, it's actually because of the human emotion portrayed in every single episode. Truthfully. Sometimes, while observing their little world, I feel a lot more like a psychiatrist than any other time in my life.

And I suppose that's why a lot of us get caught up in our favorite prime time television shows or reality shows, because we enjoy watching what people do when they're put in certain situations. But personally I just can't get enough of these characters. Saddened by losses of complete strangers, overjoyed at the healing and progress of others, mourning of loved ones, celebrations of successful tests, and prayer in the darkest of dark hours, these characters are nothing short of the real thing

Now is a great time to point out the Grey's writers. To evoke those same emotions in their viewers? Wow.

And really, isn't that one of the most vital things in our lives; how we react and how we feel and how we grow? I think so.

For instance, Alex has been the best fiance' any girl could ask for. He had opinions about the colors and the flowers and the music. He has picked up supplies and decorations and made mid-day phone calls to vendors and helpers. And you should know that he has never been bribed, forced, tortured or beaten to handle any of these tasks. He asked to be a part of the mix. And if you know him, you know he's happier to be doing these things. In turn, I thank him and praise him for all of his hard work and help. And, in turn again, he thrives on knowing he is needed and wanted, and that all of his work is being noticed.

I will say this; my thanks and praises are minimal compared to his efforts. I know fiances and husbands that hardly flush the toilet, let alone help put together a full wedding. But I delight in our relationship when he is happy, so shouldn't I be making sure that boy knows how much he is appreciated? And when anger strikes in the workplace, or frustrations leave my own mouth, shouldn't I be more aware of the emotions at play?

You see, I know this heart that has the appearance of a castle. No, not a fairy tale castle, more like a realistic, German village castle. It is lined with brick after brick, wall after wall, and doors that are locked tight with ropes and chains. From a distance, it is attractive, well kept, and mysterious, making it seem desirable. And how it got this way is like a story. A story that stretches over years and decades and days and minutes. It built these walls after heartaches and disappointments.

But I also know another heart. It is mushy like mashed potatoes on Thanksgiving Day. It is soft like a blanket and comforting like a pillow. It is open like a book, and easily read like pictures. The word 'guard' is a foreign language and it has never seen a wall of any kind. This heart has also suffered heartache and disappointment, but this heart has three, wonderful friends; Forgiveness, Mercy and Grace. And with these three friends, they built an understanding of love.

I know I am capable of housing both hearts. And I know this because I have held them both, very tightly. And I know that all it takes to maintain a mushy, soft, open heart is to keep it very well protected against negativity, harm, and hurt. And I won't make an excuse and say that's why I watch Grey's, but I will say that it reminds me of the human emotions and goodness that I would always like to have, and the compassion to know when I am choosing the right reaction.

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  1. The beauty of the interior decorating of that German village castle is absolutely breathtaking, though... :)