Monday, July 18

Murky Monday

It is one of those rotten, no good, bad news, unpleasant, stuck in the muck kind of Mondays.

And boy, do I have a bad case of the Monday-moody-blues, to top it all off.

Got in a fight/bout/dissension with my little brother. (Who leaves in 4 weeks. Fyi.)
Button broke on my pants. (Maybe I actually did gain weight at Friday Food Fair...)
Have fixed over 6 reservations, 4 credit card fumbles, and multiple insignificant conundrums at the hotel. (I feel like weekday and weekend people get trained by two, totally different staff members.
Have heard about a very young person passing away, read about the memories of a husband who passed away, and mourned with a fiance who lost his uncle too, too soon. (The second one might be my own personal fault...)
Realized my most-favorite brunch restaurant in Denver-the one that sends my salivary glands on steroids when even thinking about their eggs benedict-is not open on Friday mornings. And I won't be there on Saturday.
Learned that I can't possibly head to church camp-with a good conscience-in Rapid City when my employers are already floundering without 3 employees.

I understand that most of these are pretty trivial. And that most things in life are about perspective. And I truly dislike complaining...

But I just feel blue.

Good thing Nicole called and told me the engagement pictures are ready. Maybe she'll throw in a chocolate bar...


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