Friday, July 1


The earth is filled with His glory

I hear so many people say our world is full of sadness and tragedy and terrorism. And while that's true, it's no surprise. We knew in Genesis-when there were only two people walking in the garden-that our world was corrupt with evil. However, these two people were still surrounded by a beautiful garden and God's grace and forgiveness.

In the past week or so, I've seen storms and upsetting stories. But I've also seen things that remind me of God's glory abounding on the earth. I've seen friends helping others in need, I've seen morning sunrises that while make your heart skip a beat. I've seen baby cows frollicking in the fields, and flowers of all vibrant colors reaching towards the heavens. I've also seen a mountain, named Sleeping Elephant Mountain, that actually looks like a baby elephant resting.

Yes, we've got lots of troubles facing us, each and every day. But will we choose to focus on those, fret about them, and worry about how much worse it can get; or will we choose to look for and notice God's glory?

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