Friday, July 8


Is it possible to have 'engagement' cravings, just like pregnancy cravings?

I doubt it.

Regardless, I find myself craving alfredo and angel hair pasta, and then potato oles, and then lobster and butter sauce, and then a cheeseburger from Scotty's. (I totally don't get the last one, given that I don't even like Scotty's...)

Causes of this could be the dress...ahem, the wedding dress...hanging in my closet. It's so beautiful and wonderful and peaceful hanging there; but I can't help but think it might be taunting me to make sure it still fits in a couple months. It fit me so well in the store that they let me bring it home! That's right; no alterations, no changes, and no one else had ever even put it on. It was destined to come home with me that beautiful July afternoon.

Or maybe it's the spinning and weights classes that are kicking this little girl's hiney! While my pants are already fitting much better, and my body is happy with the 100 ounces of water I'm drinking, I think it might also be plotting against me. It might be protesting against all this health-ness and wanting something of a greasier, tastier lifestyle!

Or maybe it's just because it's summer and summer usually has me grinning from ear to ear. Combine sunshine, warm nights, new music, and sprinkle in family reunions, concerts at red Rocks, and date night dinners, and you've got a very pleased girl. And go ahead and throw in 3-count them, THREE-different visits from Jenn Garwood (a.k.a.-best friend ever, a.k.a.-Maid of Honor) and I am through-the-roof-ecstatic. And happiness and food usually go hand-in-hand.

I sure do miss that girl when she's away.

I'd like to think that, one day, I'll look back on these few months of my life and remember how wonderful it was to be preparing for the biggest stage in my life. I'll be thankful for my mom and dad, for Alex's mom and dad, and for our families; for all of my friends and all of the people that are really making this a fun and memorable time.

And, in 85-yes, count them again, Eighty.Five.-days, we'll be enjoying all of these plans that we've put together, and looking very forward to a week away together. A week away in a place that just seems to suit us, in a plane where flights have been booked, at a hotel that's already been reserved.

In the meantime, I'm trying to focus on 'apples' and 'carrots' rather than Culver's across the street...

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  1. Your body is telling you that you actually DO like Scotty's... and your mind just needs to accept that! ;)