Tuesday, June 28


I have been on a somewhat-search for a new kind of exercise. I technically love exercise-when it's fun. You know, the kind where you aren't watching a clock or counting the seconds until your backside meets your couch again. I just wanted something that felt more like fun, and less like work. The lovely thing about a wedding gown is that it hides all the right places, but I'm still wanting a pair of killer arms, and maybe a nice set of high heel calves.

I've completely worn out Jillian. Something about her face...or eyebrows...or that annoying voice of hers. Or, maybe, it's just that I am so anti-routine that I was bored to death of her. And don't even mention the difficult task of taking my dogs for walks; if the yorkies get to go, but the labs don't, there is complete howling jealousy throughout our house. And even though Phoebe is in desperate-I mean DESperate-need of aerobic activity, I just can't bare to make Charlie and Jenna so sad every afternoon. Sorry, yorkies.

But, there's bikes. And I've always thought that bikes were a fun alternative to walking or running. Most bikers look so peaceful and happy. Plus, how cute are those little baby buggies on the back?! Oh, AND, how sweet are the couples and families that ride down the streets on summer evenings? Aahh. Thus, my decision to try spinning. Alright, not as peaceful as lazy-evening rides, but definitely a step in the healthy-bones-and joints direction!

And whatdoya know, I LOVE spinning!

It could be the trip back to Richard Simmon's style music, or the fact that I remembered what the words 'sore' and 'sweaty' felt like. Regardless, what a great class! I highly recommend it. Not to mention that it's the closest thing to a motorcycle I've gotten to this year...

And I watched our gorilla-seized instructor pedal his bike-with thighs bigger than my waist-with ease and power. He was calm, full of breath, and dry as a feather. I thought "don't worry, you'll get there, you'll be just as mature on a bike as he is." And it's true. If I stick this out and work hard (for the very short 3 months I have) I'll be on my way to a leaner, healthier me. Bye bye belly, hello buns of steel!

And, as with everything else, I thought of Christians and how some of us walk into a room or listen in on a Bible study and think 'wow, he really knows his stuff', or 'she must have it all figured out; she's going through the worst tragedy and she still has faith." It's intimidating and sometimes discouraging. It's hard for a lot of us to climb those first few hills and even imagine having a faith so steady and firm, or the knowledge to quote any and all scripture. But, we get there. Maybe with a lot of hard work, and maybe after some very tough months and years, but we are always surprised with rewards in the end.

We've all heard it a million times; practice makes perfect. Well, I don't want to be perfect. If I was perfect, I wouldn't need Jesus. And I really, really like needing Him. But what I do want is to be mature and secure and strong. I want to lead others who might feel intimidated or weak. I'm willing to climb hill after hill after hill to be the kind of person who can lead. And really, isn't that why I joined a spinning class? To be strong and healthy? I'd like to think that's why I signed up to be a part of God's army, too.


  1. Good post :)

    Poor Phoebe though... we need to get her a treadmill or something she can do at the house. I wonder how walking all the dogs at once (between the two of us) would go...?