Wednesday, June 29

A Natural

"Basic. Now Left. Arms up! Out Doctor. K Step. Back to basic. Now right."

Last night was step class. You know, the 80's style, Richard Simmons (I reference him a lot; it's all I can think about in these types of settings.) and Suzanne Somers, sweatbands and leggings type step class. Lots and lots of fun though, I tell you.

I'm stumbling over the step and bouncing around in the mirror and thinking, 'Well, this is obviously not how my brain operates. Different steps and opposite arms and switching it all up every 30 seconds. No way!" But I remembered my spinning class. It was basic; one foot pedaling in front of the other. The only change that occured was higher resistance.

So, now I just have to train my feet to pay a little closer attention to details and directions. And one thing I've been focused on lately is just that; to train myself to think in a different way. This comes out of Romans chapter 6, when Paul is talking to a group of people who also needed to change their way of thinking. If we have accepted Jesus into our lives and into our hearts, then we have accepted a new way of living. We have accepted a better way of living; out of and away from sin, and into hope and light and love.

Sometimes, I'll catch myself getting upset about something that someone said to me, or getting upset about a few decisions I made, or worrying about two months down the road. Not that any of these are my biggest obstacles, but I do catch myself agreeing to something that will lead me down an old road, or wishing I had something different than what I have. When, in reality, all I want is to shed the old skin, leave the old me behind, and continue walking into the new creation I have become.

Easier said than done usually. But, by the end of the class, I was stepping to the beat, and lifting those weights high above my head. And my instructor says, "You must have taken a step class before; you look like a natural!" And, eventually, I'll be a natural at making the right decisions, keeping my eyes towards Heaven, and keeping a long, stiff arm towards the things that bring me down.

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