Thursday, June 30

Mustard Seeds

Our challenge from Bible study last night was to grow our faith this week. We were asked to give examples of what we could do this week-at work, or home, or with friends-to grow our faith. Most people suggested to speak positively at work, or spend more time with co-workers. Some suggested to really read the Bible this week and see what it reveals. And I was completely stumped. I wasn't quite sure what I could or should be doing.

I am beyond-words-blessed in my workplace, and in my home, and with my group of friends. We play the Contemporary Christian satellite music station in our lobby, so I'm hearing upbeat, encouraging words all day. My mom and I have many conversations that are centered around God and what He's doing in our lives. And I'm constantly surrounded by friends who love God as well. Our customers even come to our desk and say, "Your staff is so happy all the time." Yes, well, we all have the joy of the Lord. ;-)

I'm also in a great place in my life. I'm planning a wedding and a lifelong marriage to a best friend I never thought I'd find. We're reading books and listening to podcasts to prepare. I'm also gaining a really great family with brothers and a sister and parents that have been a blessing to me since day one. I'm getting ready to send my brother to college and watch him grow, and I'm spending lots of time with my mom before she creates a new adventure of her own. Life is really, really good. And, in my experience, my faith has only grown in times of heartache or distress. So, really, how will I grow my faith this week?

And bright and early this morning, multiple things tugged on my heart so deeply. I logged onto facebook to find an old friend quoting Bible verses. Keep in mind, the two of us were nearly step-siblings and as a general rule, never got along. I didn't have a whole lot of hope for our future relationship. But now I see that he is following and believing in God, married to a beautiful woman and is raising a sweet, little family. Praise God!

And an even deeper tug came about twenty minutes later. My great friend, Sanay, posted a little quote from a past blog, and credited my name at the end. I've written about Sanay before, and how I wasn't sure we would get along either. And yet, she quickly became the person I talked to about God and faith and life at work. It looked so much like something I would do; type in a quote that really touched me or really encouraged me, and credit that amazing author. (I.e. Andy Stanley, Jon and Stasi Eldridge.) And I really do not mean to boast-I know that God gives me all these words-but, wow. And I knew Sanay had been reading my blogs but, wow. Something that I have written, to grow other people's faith, has touched and helped and ecnouraged someone. God really is using my writing to reach others. And just when I think I should transition my blog to something a little lighter and fun, I'm reminded that I have always intended to grow people's faith through my writing.

And, in turn, it's growing my faith.

We have been learning a lot about Paul and how he was chosen, by God, to travel city to city, and country to country telling all of God's people about His grace and mercy and love. And while I don't have a clear direction on where we will go yet, I believe-and have a deep rooted desire-to go to people and teach them those same things.

So, thank you-Sanay and Shayne-for actually growing my faith. I didn't have an answer in Bible study last night, but now I know exactly how my faith will grow this week. I will listen to people around me, I will acknowledge the work God is doing in other people, and I will continue to remember the work that God has planned for me to do. By Sunday, my faith will be even farther from a mustard seed, and closer to a very large plant.

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