Wednesday, June 22

Brothers and Basketball

This weekend, my family and I are revisiting the old and visiting something anew. My mom, brother, and myself used to take trips frequently. We would drive to Colorado or fly to Seattle, in hopes of a few days of fun. And fun is just what we had! The three of us are corny, cheesy, and ridiuclous-each in our own nature-and therefore create a wildly good time. I'm very much looking forward to our trip because we just haven't been on one for a while. Our lives are so quickly changing and our trips might be even fewer and farther between.

On the other hand, this trip is a little daunting. My brother will be surrounding himself with other fearful freshman, signing up for hours and hours of homework, and settling into new living arrangements. I honestly thought-and hoped a little bit-that these days would never come. I really got used to Cameron being at home, playing video games or skateboarding down the street. I liked his friends coming over and going to little league football games. I especially liked coming home for a weekend to attend speech meets and musicals. But lots of things are different now, and things almost always change.

I have to remember, though, that I once was younger and graduating highschool and growing up. And (I think we can all agree) thank goodness for that! I had a lot of growing up to do, and still do. And I'd like to think I'm a better person for the growing up. And I've always known that Cameron would grow up and do even greater things.

I thought about this last weekend during mine and Alex's engagement party. My younger brother and my soon-to-be brother in law, Joe, asked me to play basketball. Lucky-or unlucky-Joe, got me. For some unknown reason, I get rather competitive during a game of street ball...while maintaining a healthy level of fun. One thing I noticed was Joe's disposition. We weren't winning, or even close to it, but he kept his emotions in check. Not once did he lose his temper, get upset or angry, or even get over-excited. He was cool, the entire game. And I notice this in church every Sunday; Joe is attentive and polite, very interested and very mature. I admire him, every single week, for the 12 year old, gentle, calm guy that he is.

And one day I'll tell him-at graduation or when he accepts his first job in his career (which I think might be in the 'family business'...)-that I always knew he would grow up to be great; a great man, a great student, a great husband. He is just one of those kids that is constantly impressing me, and I look forward to all that he will do.

Then I remember, Cameron has impressed me from day one. He might have been ornery and mischevious, but he was always reaching farther than his own limits. And he'll continue to do that in college and in life, whether I'm ready for that or not.

This weekend already feels like a circus for my emotions; watching Cameron prepare at college, a roadtrip with my little family before starting my own, and wedding dress shopping with some of the women who mean the most to me. Then again, last weekend was full, too; sweet, loving messages and wishes from friends, pictures with Alex, and a game of basketball with two of my brothers, whom I am very blessed to have.


  1. Cameron BrueggerJune 22, 2011 at 2:07 PM

    Leaving isnt that easy for me either.

  2. I know :-( But it's still a good thing, you'll see.

  3. Cam's an impressive guy. From day one, I've been impressed. Stoked to see what he'll do in college and into the future!