Thursday, June 16

Bathroom Worship

Anyone that has had to job search knows how grueling, tedious, and time consuming it can be. Now imagine applying for a youth pastor or associate pastor position. You're entering into a field where you and your job description are a life decision and life direction. You're applying in a "company" that takes plenty of time to be in prayer before making any decisions. To Alex and myself, this job decision and offer is one very large commitment and responsibility.

I think it's safe to say that we all spend a lot of time wondering about our situations. 'When will I get out of this?' 'When will I be given a new opportunity?' 'When you will fix this, Lord?' And I am definitely included in this. I find myself making plans for different cities whenever a job idea arises. I find myself wondering how things will work out if I live there or if I work here. But today, I found myself in a new, odd, little place. The bathroom.

Not that the bathroom was odd, but what I used it for, kind of was. This bathroom is so quiet and peaceful that you could sleep in it. I heard nothing except the faint sound of the David Crowder Band. Ahh, David Crowder. His big fuzzy hair, sweet rimmed glasses, and heartfelt lyrics will just about fix any funky mood.

You make everything glorious, Yeah, You make everything glorious. You make everything glorious, and I am Yours. What does that make me?

I have some pretty stinky moments; moments of doubt or moodiness or frustration. But I have been made by a glorious God to be something glorious. And if He made me that way, He'll make my life that way. He already has. And this situation with jobs and moving and that huge, uncertain thing called the future, He'll make all of that glorious, too.

And, for the first time in my life, I am perfectly, absolutely, oddly okay with an uncertain future. I am not worried about who will call to offer a job, where it will be located, or how I will adjust. I know it will be rocky at first, but I also know that God already has a map for the road, and He's in the driver's seat.

I perched myself on the bathroom counter, right beside the sink. I used these 4 quick minutes and a less convential location, as a place of worship. I've known for a while that God makes everything glorious, and I've also known the lyrics to many David Crowder Band songs. But this morning I remembered to take the time to soak in the glory of a God who creates a wonderful plan for me; a plan that is already unfolding and a plan that is beyond my understanding--but always, always glorious.

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  1. I've found myself doing the same thing in that bathroom many, many times!!! Love it!!