Friday, May 27


When we're little, we are capitvated by mountains and rain clouds and Disneyland and cartoons. Something about 'bigger and better' captures our imaginations. I've always had a goal to keep the wonder and awe that a child has; it keeps me humble and inspired. So, how did I start to lose my inspiration in weddings? I've loved them since I was little, and I've loved them as I've grown up.

To me, a picture is all it takes. A picture is the most important accessory of that day. Pictures capture emotion and beauty all in one flash, and those pictures are something you keep for a lifetime. Thanks to Debra Gulbas photogrpahy, I'm captivated once again. She finds and holds the sweetest moments; where a dad sees his daughter, in her dress, for the first time, where the bride and groom have snuck away, where the flower girl is looking in awe at the bride, and where a mother is watching her little girl get ready for the ball. They're really touching..grab a box of kleenex, and check them out here:

And I've found wonderment, once again.

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