Wednesday, May 25

Planning 101

You know how it is when you imagine and daydream about something, and then it actually happens to you, and all you can really grasp is still the imagination of it? Well, meet my past couple of weeks. Ever since I can remember, I've been looking at dresses, and listening to music, and pretending to be my own travel agent. All in preparation for one day, eventually getting to have a wedding. I completely understand that I'm being repetitive and I've already mentioned this and most of you know this. But, I'm still trying to get myself to grasp it.

I just really love weddings. I love the bouquets and the dancing and the vows and the dresses and the creative centerpieces. I love it all so much that I've gathered little ideas for as long as I can remember. Hence, the notebook.

*My wonderful Mom bought me a Bride's planning guide, Alex and I spent half a morning registering at Bed, Bath and Beyond (FUN!) and I'm jotting down little notes in an almost completely recycled notebook..that matches our colors, by the way.

And it's all happening. I'm actually putting plans into motion and we are actually getting married. And I am actually becoming a Ferrero and gaining a sister and very awesome brothers and two amazing parents. My family is gaining another guy, whom my father and mother just love, my brother thinks is one of the greatest guys he's ever met, and whom I know my older brother would have really gotten along with. It's all happening now. And it's more perfect than I had ever imagined. The proposal and the ring and the handsome man; beyond words perfect.

And I am one of those people who looks through wedding and engagement pictures like its a pasttime, and who listens to other people plan weddings like they are history lessons. So, from now on, I'll be posting pictures and stories of our progress, for any of my fellow wedding-followers/stalkers. Enjoy!

Slightly overwhelmed, and mostly overjoyed


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