Tuesday, May 17


As I write in events and meetings and appointments and travel days in my planner, I get utterly overjoyed. Coffee with the photographer. Engagement photo day. Gift registry. Dress shopping. Jenn comes to town. Pampering day. Wedding day. The next few months are packed full of days I've been dreaming of since I was 10.

And I'm an avid planner. I plan birthday parties and 4th of July cookouts. But this, this is the Mother of all things to be planned. And I get to be the one planning it. Along with Alex, who went to Target the other day and bought a planner. Just so he could write down all the dates and go with me to look at things, and still make plenty of time for dinners and movies. Isn't he great? :-)

And just then, I go to make a reservation at work and book the wrong dates and the wrong room type. Sheesh. A good reminder that,

A) I should not be trying to plan things at work,

B) I should not let all of the planning consume me, and

C) that all of this results in a bigger purpose.

When all the guests return home and the gifts are unwrapped and the dress is packed tightly in a 'gown-saving-bag', I'll have an entire life to be prepared for. I'll have responsibilities and changes to adjust to. I'll have new living arrangements and new habits to become used to. I'll have an entire new role to play in God's plan. While I pray for arrangements to go through, financial help, and a stress-dree day, I need to remember to pray for guidance and help in this brand new quest. And as perfectly as everything else has worked out so far, I can't help but believe that perfection is still in The Plan.

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