Tuesday, May 31

Oh, The Adventures

Alex and I were talking about our engagement before it happened. Mostly about the fact that he knew when it was happening and my poor, little mind-and heart-were in limbo. (Over exaggeration implied.) We also talked about the fun things we would get to do...like gift registries! Trust me, we are eating our hearts out during this engagement. ;-)

The good news is that Alex really enjoys using the scanner gun, and it makes me a little nervous. So, I find and he shoots! Gift registry days were such a blast.

Remember our 'Engagement Breakfast Pizza'? Turns out, there's a pan for that!

For Memorial Day, we took a drive to Wyoming to leave some flowers for Adam and Krista. Much to our surprise, my aunt had a surprise in mind--cupcakes! I've always wanted cupcakes at my wedding (because they are like, your own mini cake!), and I've always wanted to have the 'cake-taste-testing' experience. I got to enjoy both of them with my sweet Aunt Marcie and my totally fun Fiance'.

Results: Mission completely, and unashamedly, accomplished! And our favorites are on the order form!

We believe that a roadtrip is not complete without a playlist. Fortunately, we like a lot of the same music so, we tested out our 'Wedding Reception' playlist. It's coming along very nicely... :-) We're also so excited for our flight to the honeymoon and our honeymoon. We have playlists for those, too!

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